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Kleen+Press use a non-solvent process to dry-clean. We are the only dry-cleaner to do so in Northland which allows us to clean a far greater range of items than any other dry-cleaner in the North. This includes leather, suede, curtains and wedding dresses. Kleen+Press look after businesses in Kerikeri and surroundings. All laundry is processed to hospital-grade laundry standards. For our commercial customers we provide a laundry delivery and pick-up service. Our commercial laundry customers include a local health service and the local retirement village. Kleen+Press provide businesses with non-slip rubber-backed mats in a variety of sizes and colours. Mats are changed on an agreed schedule depending on the type of business and requirements of our customers. Our mat rental customers include supermarkets, hardware stores, service stations etc.
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Kleen+Press will clean anything from bedding (blankets, bedspreads, duvet inners, sleeping bags, etc) to cushions and furniture covers. We offer a complete repair and alteration service to our retail and commercial customers. From replacing zips or repairing holes to shortening of pants and dress alterations, we can look after you. Local engineering, mechanical and service businesses rent our overalls for a fixed price per month. We supply polycotton as well as cotton overalls. We can also supply hand towels, roller towels and tea towels.
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